Collecting forms and going through formalities is unavoidable and not the most exciting job to manage or go through. There are ways however to achieve compliance with the help of technology.

There are two big reasons why we need to start changing the way we go about things:


Stats have revealed that the dropout rate for new hires is high in the first 9 months of employment is 28% and one common reason for this is poor onboarding.


The digital revolution has arrived and there is technology and software out there that can make the mundane simpler, better, faster experience for everyone.

Be that perfect recruitment agency

The Undercover Recruiter published a list of 10 traits that employers look for in a recruitment agency. To keep clients happy, 3 of the 10 are key to nail during the onboarding process:

  1. clients are looking for a recruitment agency that’s always trying to get better
  2. an agency that follows the process that was promised, and
  3. separates themselves by providing high calibre candidates.

As you can see, the onboarding requirements are not as simple as collecting information and storing this data. To deliver the complete package as a recruitment agency you need to show that you produce quality processes and open to continuous improvement. Technology, as is often the case, provides employers with powerful solutions to help find that balance.

How to tick all the boxes your clients are looking for.

To make the best use of time, you can utilise onboarding platforms specifically designed to streamline the process.

Preference for mobile.

By now, a world without the internet is unimaginable. Automation is perfect for both remote working from laptop or mobile. The recruitment agency can go through the onboarding process together using a web-based platform or mobile app.

“It’s time for a shift from doing things manually, don’t you think?”

All employees have access to phones, email, computers with e-signature facilities. Therefore why not automate the onboarding process as much as possible so that as this paperwork reaches the employee for signature and returned electronically where it can be safely and follow an orderly workflow. It makes sense to automate the requirements from the employees so that you can start performing analytical investigations to assess how the company is doing with compliance issues such as gender, disability equality, diversity etc

Source: Statistica, Global digital population as of 2021

So go ahead and introduce the right technology to improve self-service, and when you enable self service in your organisation you can get what you want when you want.

Getting started

At Onboarded we specialise in building HR tech to keep you compliant and efficient. Whether you place 10 or 1000 employees, we have solutions that reduce time-intensive tasks and help you focus on what matters:

  • recruiting,
  • retention
  • developing a strong company culture
  • beating your competition to the best talent


We also feature key integration partners, such as JobAdder, Bullhorn, Fastrack 360, which helps accelerate and automate the hiring process. Together, these tools allow you to automate and accelerate the growth and development of your workforce. Contact our team now to book a demo.


Statistica. Global digital population as of 2021.

The undercover recruiter. 10 traits that to look for in a perfect recruiter 

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