PeopleIN choose Onboarded - A Case Study

Samie Fogarty

Business Improvement Co-ordinator

Company Overview

Samie is the Business Improvement Co-ordinator at PeopleIN. 

PeopleIN, is the largest ASX-listed workforce management and staffing company in Australia and New Zealand. 

PeopleIN specialises in the following divisions:

  • Healthcare 
  • Community 
  • Technology 
  • Industrial

The business is Australian owned and is all about working with individuals to help them achieve their career goals, while also helping clients manage their workforce.

Publically Listed

PeopleIN Business

19 Offices

250+ Employees

Business Need

According to Samie, the amount of healthcare compliant documentation required in nursing during the application process is huge, and onerous which can often be a deterrent to candidates. PeopleIN Healthcare division found delays when dealing with large numbers when the processes were conducted manually, so a solution was needed to not only speed up this process but also to make it easier for the applicants.


“For years we were looking for a solution to consolidate all of the requirements, making the previously painful recruitment process more streamlined and easier for nurses and the recruiters.”

Samie Forgarty

Data Integrity

Samie tells us that data integrity was a concern for PeopleIN before using Onboarded. Credentials, history, experience are all details that need to be attached to the qualified candidate, the amount of information needed to work in healthcare is considerable.

One of the main problems with the recruitment process is that it has not evolved in keep up with the changing times and requirements. It still follows an outdated, hierarchical approach. Samie affirms, “With Onboarded now  collecting the data and transferring it into ATS system we use, our nurses are progressing through the whole process much faster.”

Why Onboarded?

Samie was asked the main problem that led to looking for an onboarding solution.

“Before, everything was done via email. We would send a manual application form. The nurse would need to print that, fill it in, scan it and send it back. The majority of the time they wouldn’t have access to printers and scanners at home. Due to the sheer volume of documents required we would often not receive emails because the contents were too large and the files may bounce. This required considerable back and forth with the healthcare professional and our office.” explained Samie.

An onboarding solution that worked well with our ATS platform was the only way forward.

Weeks to onboard

It took PeopleIN’s candidates sometimes weeks to complete the onboarding process. Often having to exchange large documents by email which sometimes bounced. Lots of emails and lots of follow up was required by the consultants, all that is in the past now.

Scoping Process

“As a business we want to use one ATS platform that performs all the functionality we need, without being diverted to an external system or software.

Currently we use Jobadder, and with its easy and complete integration with Onboarded, we are able to harness the benefits of streamlined onboarding functions without having to login to a second system.” says Samie.

Less than

to onboard new hire.

Onboarded has allowed for our entire Onboarding process to be streamlined into about 48 hours.

More than
4 hrs

saved each week by using the Onboarded platform.

Candidate Experience

Samie attests that Onboarded has allowed their entire onboarding process to be streamlined into about 48 hours. Substantially less time than using a manual processes. It was important to PeopleIN Healthcare that candidates had a positive interaction when applying or registering for work.

According to Samie they have received only positive feedback from candidates.

Onboarded is extremely reliable. Candidates have never reported issues relating to glitches or problems. The nurses and healthcare staff are progressing through the process much faster. The new streamlined process is benefiting both us and the nurses.  Especially as they are out working much quicker and are experiencing less frustrations during Onboarding, which is the first part of the process.” says Samie.

"Our nurses are progressing through the process much faster. The new streamlines process is benefiting the nurses as they are working quicker and are experiencing less frustrations during Onboarding."

Samie Fogarthy

Quality Support

Samie shares her views on the support provided by Onboarded.

“The support received from Onboarded was exemplary. Regardless of our questions or concerns, we receive a response usually within the hour.  We are very happy with the level of service and follow up from the Onboarded support team.” says Samie.

“My honest advice to anyone or any company considering Onboarded as a solution is, Do It!

Onboarded has helped PeopleIN Healthcare promote and elevate their brand and the agency’s efficiency and professionalism will become second to none.”

Samie Fogarty 

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