Case Study with Megan Kearney

Megan Kearney HR Adviser at Spinifex Recruiting

Company Overview

Megan is the Human Resources advisor at Spinifex Recruiting and she took a few moments to tell us about their experience using

Spinifex Recruiting is located in 9 locations in NSW and ACT they operate from the city to the coast including many regional areas of NSW.

Consisting of 45-50 full time employees including consultants and they are a specialisation recruitment agency with a total of 8 service lines including blue collar/white collar/executive to name a few.

They specialise in Commercial, State Government, Local Government, Mining, Community, Agribusiness, Renewable Energy and Traffic Control services.





Locations Nationwide

Business Need

Manual paperwork, long winded processes and the administration of so many candidates highlighted the real need to find a better more efficient and digital solution.

Spinifex began the search for a better way to process candidates and sought an alternative to the current practices to ensure efficiency and and a better candidate experience.

“Before Onboarded we had manual processes. Everything was a printed PDF or we used fillable PDF forms, before COVID people came into the offices in person. We were able to manage a lot easier during that time because we had Onboarded.”

Megan Kearney

Sourcing the right solution

Spinifex tried a few alternative solutions before moving to Onboarded, some of the difficulties were around other software not integrating well with their ATS- Fast Track 360. The decision was easy after seeing a demonstration of Onboarded with it’s secure connection to Fast Track 360 Spinifex found it was more robust and stable.

“Raj and the team at Onboarded were happy to show us at every level of the business what Onboarded could do to help us streamline this problematic process.” Megan explains

Manual Processes

“After the candidates completed those forms, we had to get everything back into Fast Track.Which meant scanning documents and uploading. Emailing documents to individuals and waiting for all the information to come back. This takes up a lot of time.” Megan says.

The average time of completing this manual process for Spinifex candidates was around 3 days.Recruiters were required to wait and do constant follow up, because without these important details the recruiter can’t proceed with the placement and the applicant can’t start work.

6 months

was the time it formerly took to prepare for Audting annually, now Spinifex creates auditing & compliance reports using Onboarded in minutes.

Buy In

Megan outlines: “The first demo was high level and we gained a good understanding. Naturally there were further questions fielded from compliance and HR and we had a QA with Onboarded each time there were questions. This really helps with buy in from different stake holders and divisions.”

3 hrs

is the estimated time it takes a consultant to gather all the documentation, complete induction and safety requirements for each candidate.

24 hrs

is now the usual time it takes for a candidate at Spinifex Recruiting to return their completed paperwork.

3 days

was the average time it took to wait for all the documentation from candidates to be returned.

Candidate Experience

“A very big part of the decision was what the candidates were currently being asked to do, the time it took for the staff to gather up all the information and then to get it in the system quickly and accurately. If the candidates have an issue they call us and take up the time of consultants. Time that could be better spent for everyone.

When we were considering solutions one of the more important things was considering that different people have different levels of expertise. We needed to ensure that all candidates could easily complete the process and that it works and it’s ok for blue collar workers on different devices in remote locations.

We had to have it work for everyone.” says Megan


Megan has managed many implementations over the years in her role and when asked about the implementation with Onboarded she advised:

“A number of people in the business have commented that this is was easiest and on-time of all the implementations we have ever done. The initial meeting set out goals and milestones and they were met each time. Everything was followed up and all the aspects were checked to make sure we were ready to go live.

The Onboarded team took the time to sit with our team and those actually performing the role and worked on making their lives easier.”

“The whole Spinifex team adapted really well and quickly to working with Onboarded and Fast Track, not having to jump between the two systems makes a big difference. It was not a steep learning curve because its so simple to use.”

Megan Kearney

Service and Support

“The service and support is excellent from the whole team at Onboarded. They are very responsive and they have been so good in getting back to us.

The are great a letting us know they are looking into something and the latest we hear back from them is 24hrs but it’s normally much quicker. To date they have never said no to us, it’s like there is nothing they can’t do.”

Business Case

Megan explains:

“When considering the pros and cons of any new system you have to factor in many things. We knew this would make us a lot more efficient, this was the main indicators that we needed to change.

Usually there is some push back within the business, that’s normal. However with Onboarded everyone was keen, no-one was questioning why we were using it. It was so obvious that it was going to make us more streamlined. Consultants love that they no longer need to worry about following up paperwork.”


When we discussed pricing and the benefits of using Onboarded compared to other methods Megan tells us:

“With everything you look at price vs value. For us, we are externally audited and it’s an annual process subject to human error especially when you have people doing data entry and uploading documentation.

Now, reports are easy, it’s so simple for PHS and external suppliers and the internal QA team.We find it’s extremely useful to show compliance for auditing and quality assurance purposes. It used to take us 6 months to get ready for an audit, now the preparation is streamlined and it’s a compliment to the compliance process.”

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