Case Study with Richard Walters

Richard Walters National Commercial Manager at Toll People

Company Overview

Richard is the National Commercial Manager at Toll People, a division of the Toll Group born out of a need for quality recruitment in the logistics and warehouse sector in 2004. Toll People have around 90 –100 recruitment consultants nationwide over 12 locations.

Their focus is on warehouse and logistics staffing for larger customers such as Blackmores, Symbion and Officeworks to name a few. Their clients are in a wide variety of industries, ranging from fast moving consumer goods, wholesaling to retailers and retail, to mining and groceries.


Recruitment Consultants


Locations Nationwide

Business Need

Toll People recruit hundreds of new candidates and potential employees per week. Previously, the reception areas in their offices were full of people waiting for interviews, completing paperwork, or starting induction. Richard recognised that there had to be a better way to onboard this number of candidates smoothly. He approached his ATS provider FastTrack 360 for a solution, who recommended Onboarded.

“Before we used Onboarded, we were often up to 4 weeks behind in capturing all the details of the new candidates into our systems. We had to not only clear the congestion but also improve the quality of data captured”

Richard Walters

Data Quality

For Richard and the team at Toll People, data quality is a critical consideration. Human error and delays were naturally part of the picture when the process of onboarding so many candidates was handled manually. Now with technology to collect and input the data directly into the ATS the data is extremely accurate, correct fields are completed and this process is handled quickly and smoothly by the integrated software.

Manual Processes

The former process to register a new candidate at Toll People, like at many recruiters, was to issue them with paper forms. These 30-40 page packs contained all the information, forms and policies required prior to interview and employment. It took candidates at least an extra 30 minutes on top of interview time to complete these packs and often further follow up by the consultants was required. The information supplied by each candidate then needed to be transcribed into the ATS.


is the estimated annual saving to the company by using Onboarded. Based on 7 staff members needed to do the same work at $65K salary per annum.


Richard explains that in the lead up to using Onboarded the process had to be reverse engineered. Registration forms could now be completed before the candidate presented for an interview allowing for more targeted interviews. Most candidates have all the documents back within 24hrs now. Having the system follow up the candidate if parts were incomplete is a huge time saver for consultants.

7 staff

It is estimated that 7 staff members minimum would be required to cover what the software does had Toll not partnered with Onboarded.


Candidate records are in Toll Peoples ATS, so data quality is essential.


Saw Toll Group experience 2 ransomware attacks just before COVID.

Candidate Experience

It was always Richard’s intention to chip away at the pain points experienced by candidates. He believes there is always room to improve, and the feedback received from candidates since adopting Onboarded has been excellent.

They are happier with the process and its simplicity. When you are onboarding close to 15,000 candidates per year it is essential to make sure that those on the other side of the process have a great experience. One of the biggest changes is that now candidates do not need to come into an office to be interviewed, and getting them in out working is much faster. Paper forms allow for little chance of a good impression upon first meeting. A smooth process is a must.” says Richard.

“Good candidates go with good recruiters and will often form their impression from the first meeting or conversation. In a candidate strong market it’s really important that we leave the candidate confident with our abilities and not just for us to be confident in theirs.”

All the steps in the process are now completely digital, automated and using technology to handle those parts of the process that were manually time consuming.


No integration runs completely seamlessly according to Richard, however the integration with Onboarded went very close. The biggest issue Toll People faced in implementing the new application was internal change management. Sometimes there are parts of the requested design that alter between planning and implementation, but the responsiveness of the team at Onboarded and the ability to solve any issues quickly was amazing to Richard and his team.

“In a time when online forms are prevalent and have a predictive nature, why not utilise that? Now fields can be populated very quickly.”

Richard Walters

“Everyone has smart phones and the expectation from candidates for things to be simplified and automated is getting greater and greater. Those that do not improve and simplify the process will lose the ability to provide their customers with good quality candidates.”

Richard Walters


When Toll People advertise they are fortunate to sometimes have a huge response to their ads. Having Onboarded has made the processes more automated and faster. The sorting and screening process is rapid allowing them to stay competitive. It allows consultants to be more responsive and secure the best applicants as quickly as possible which translates to making the business better as a whole.

Business Case

Richard outlines what he needs to do to make a business case

“Whenever I propose a tech solution, I need to demonstrate both the business benefit and cost benefit to management, as well as ensure the security of data. Onboarded is excellent value based on time savings but it is the improvement in data quality that makes it essential. The difference in data quality is very noticeable when you compare to 18 months ago, which has made a huge difference when training staff too.”


One of the huge challenges for Toll People last year was ransomware attacks. Richard reflects on 2020.

“In hindsight, our timing of implementing Onboarded was really good. In late 2019 we integrated Onboarded and after only a few months of refining the process we had a ransomware attack at the Toll Group in Feb 2020. We were still struggling to get back to normal when covid lockdowns were put in place. Then another 8 weeks later, a second ransomware attack. Without the ability to register candidates remotely we would have found it almost impossible to service our clients. Due to Onboarded the impact on us was greatly reduced. We have also discovered that we can do remote recruitment much better.”

Cost Analysis

“Considering costs relating to a technology solution is part of the evaluation process. By having technology do much of the data entry it is possible to align your registration costs to the number of candidates that you register.

There are significant savings by having the technology do the hard work, it allows consultants to focus on what they do best. Handling things digitally just makes sense. If you do not move with technology and a more streamlined way of interacting you run the risk of being left behind.” Richard outlines.

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“In a time when online forms are prevalent and have a predictive nature and with everything being online, why not utilise that? Now fields can be populated very quickly.”

Richard Walters


On the relationship between Toll People and Onboarded. Richard shared his views:

“I’m inclined to say our dealings with them have been nothing short of spectacular. They are so easy to deal with and quick to provide solutions. They regularly have new updates and are always thinking ahead in a progressive way.

When someone is so attuned to the industry and the needs of their clients, it makes it simple. On top of that you get features that are excellent for your business, some of which you may not have otherwise thought of. It fits brilliantly with us.”

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