It’s particularly exciting when you land yourself a new contract after giving yourself a pat on the back, it’s time to scale up and deliver.

One of the most important things to do is to keep to the process you have promised your client. According to Undercover Recruiter, keeping to the process is something that clients value in a recruitment agency.

Every great onboarding process should be collaborative and tailored to the needs and expectations of each hire. It should save time, get them ready for their first day and improve retention. This goes for mass onboarding too. Mass onboarding is recruiting people in a sector in high volumes and this is very common in blue collar industries that require elements of manual labour such as manufacturing, maintenance, healthcare, mining, agriculture and a few more.

Blue collar workers tend not to have a desk job or ready access to laptop facilities. Their work might be outdoors, on the fields, in factories or doing underground work.

Understand your clients pain points.

When labour is in demand in the light of labour shortages then employees start to job hopping, which increases the quit rate.

The Australian Government releases a Skilled Occupancy List (SOL) by occupation. Based on the occupations in demand in Australia, amongst these are blue collar workers in the Automotive trades (motor mechanic, vehicle painter), construction trade (cabinet maker, wall and floor tiler, painting trade work, bricklayer), health and social assistants and other occupations. 

High staff turnover is a big concern for employers as it drives up the wage bill and results in loss of productivity. Therefore in light of this it is very important to retain your client trust and make sure there is no room for new hires dropping out during the onboarding process.

Nail the essential steps.

When you take on a big contract for blue collar hires you need to ensure that your standard processes are on par to deliver the requirements for high volume hire.

“Not all client contracts are the same for recruitment agencies and your approach to onboarding needs to reflect that.”

Implement the best onboarding experience.

When doing mass recruitment for industries like the health sector, mining sector, agriculture, onboarding and collecting paperwork is extremely difficult because everyone works remotely on site. It’s critical that the onboarding for new recruits in high volume is done efficiently to ensure that the employer is compliant based on the skills and any disabilities that are in their workforce and also that they have a right to work in that country. Some recruitment agencies may find themselves placing 20+ employees into job roles at a time. Often health care workers such as doctors, nurses, and dentists need specialist credentials to evidence that they are experienced and qualified for the job and have the right to work in the country. 

Software providers like Onboarded offer software programmes to help you take care of the formalities much faster than you can through traditional methods. This way, you can focus on making new employees’ first few days far more constructive and meaningful. 

With Onboarded software you can offer your clients the full onboarding package. 

  • Fill positions with quality employees 
  • seamless onboarding process
  • good document management procedure
  • transparent recruitment process, and 
  • central database to provide on-demand reporting.   

If you are looking to take your recruitment company to the next level then contact our team for a free demo.


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