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Endless possibilities with a fully customisable solution

Onboarded has so many features and with a fully customisable platform, the possibilities are endless.

Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered

Our flexible and customisable solution is designed to work the way you want, meeting your requirements today and scaling to grow with your business. We can incorporate induction training, onboarding videos, specialised forms and custom requirements unique to your business or agency.

If it’s part of your onboarding process, we can make it happen.

Easy payroll essentials

Our payroll essentials ensure confidential information is handled with respect and privacy, maintaining compliance without the hassles for you or your candidate.

With a single, secure URL, candidates can upload information anytime, anywhere and from any device, including:

Tax File Number

Online government ATO issued tax file number form with digital signature completed in minutes.

Bank Details

Bank details are collected and pushed directly to the candidate's profile in your system. No double handling, no errors.


All required superannuation information, including member numbers and provider codes, is collected online fast.

Efficient background checking

Make background checks a breeze. Onboarded puts right to work, reference and police checks at your fingertips.

Right to work

With direct links to government databases, you can quickly check visa and right to work conditions, making VEVO checks simple and painless.

Reference checks

Complete and store reference checks with a click of a button from your Onboarded Dashboard with leading online reference checking platform.

Police checks

Through our partnerships with leading background checking companies, order and automate police checks for your staff without leaving the Onboarded platform.

Better candidate experience

Using one URL, candidates can upload their credentials, complete forms, and sign digitally, anywhere, anytime and from any device.

One URL, all candidate information

Each candidate receives a unique URL to upload, complete and sign required forms, tickets and credentials, with no usernames or passwords to remember.

Paperwork updated in real-time

Uploaded information is sent directly to your ATS or database, so paperwork is returned in real-time. No waiting, no delays.

Automated progress tracking and reminders

Automated follow-up manages the process, reminding candidates of their next steps to keep things moving.

No scanner, no problems

No more scanning, printing or photocopying to submit paperwork. Candidates simply take a photo of the document with their smartphone or tablet and upload it in minutes.

Hassle-free client experience

No data entry, no errors

Information uploaded by candidates is sent directly to your CRM/ATS in real-time, so there is no need for manual data entry and no room for errors. Data integrity stays intact.

One URL and simple follow-up

All requirements, including training and customised processes, can be provided to candidates via one simple URL, with no logins, usernames or passwords to administer. The system even follows up, sends reminders, and tracks progress.

Compliance in minutes, not days

Onboarding is completed seamlessly online, so you won’t need to wait days to get your candidates in the system and on the job. Streamlined, simple onboarding, gives you increased speed to market and a competitive advantage in a fast-paced world.

No more spreadsheets

Say goodbye to manual spreadsheets and the errors, bottlenecks and headaches they cause. Our solution takes care of everything with integrated HR software features that talk directly to your existing systems.

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