Case Study with Lisa Rose

Lisa Rose National Improvements and Implementation Manager

Company Overview

Lisa is the National Improvements & Implementations Manager at National Workforce.

National Workforce is well regarded and successful recruitment company. With around 53 employees over 7 national locations including WA, QLD, NSW and VIC.

National Workforce specialises in the following divisions:

  • Industrial
  • Hospitality
  • Office
  • Trades & Services
  • Government

National Workforce enjoys a strong company culture and are well known in the recruitment industry.




7 Locations Nationwide

Business Need

Before Onboarded National Workforce would provide a set of paper forms for candidates to complete. This consisted of 20-30 pages of information which was required with an application.

This process was long, tiring and took hours of human intervention. Not just completing all the details but following up people, making appointments and conducting face to face onboarding. Lisa knew there had to be a more efficient option.

“Candidates would take over an 1.5hr to complete the processes. Consultants would interview in pen and paper and do reference checking, immigration checking was needed. Data entry alone took 25 mins with experienced operator per candidate.”

Lisa Rose

Data Integrity

Lisa tells us that data integrity was a concern before using Onboarded. “When you have lots of people entering data with so many fields of information there is always the opportunity for error. Now, with Onboarded collecting the data and transferring it into the ATS everything is where it should be in our system.”

Why Onboarded?

Lisa was asked about why the company chose Onboarded and if they looked at any other platforms prior.

“No, we went straight to Onboarded and after the demonstration including asking lots of questions we knew it was a great solution for us. We had it totally customised for our business. We knew that there was an excellent understanding of Fast Track360 and that the systems would integrate well. There was a trusted relationship there.”


was the usual time it took National Workforce Candidates to come in and complete the 20-30 page paper process of onboarding.

Scoping Process

“The demonstration and scoping process was smooth, we had the software shown to us a few times before we went ahead just so we could ensure it did everything we required. The time period was quick at the initial stage the team showed us quite a few things, chat bots etc. We had to ensure that we were going to handle the integrity of licenses and accurate data capturing of documents. Jac our Managing Director was heavily involved in the whole process and she was one of the key drivers.” Lisa explains


number of people Onboarded through the platform in 2 years by National Workforce.

4 hrs

is the average time which was spent completing the whole process per consultant per candidate.


pages of paperwork required from each candidate in the past.

Candidate Experience

“The candidate experience is much improved and definitely better than before. Now, we don’t have to load the DVD player, show the induction videos and manually set the candidates up in preparation. If we look back, during COVID we would have been trouble if we had stayed with the old procedures. Having the candidates complete all the information by using a link remotely at their leisure, made a difficult time, much easier.

Really, it allowed us to perform business as usual. Candidates can complete the information remotely at time that’s best of them. We are no longer locking them into a time during the day to come into the office and to set up meetings.

The self help system really saves us all so much time.” Lisa says

"Everyone across the business could just see how much time was going to be saved and what this software could do to make our lives easier and alleviate a time consuming bottleneck. "

Lisa Rose


“Everyone across the business could just see how much time was going to be saved and what this software could do to make our lives easier and alleviate a time consuming bottleneck. “

Lisa Rose


Lisa shares her views on the support provided by Onboarded.“The support after implementation was just so good. Really, it was excellent in comparison to other technology providers that I have worked with before. The team at Onboarded have set the bar exceptionally high of any software product in my experience. Others have not even come close. Essentially the service we received from Onboarded has given me unrealistic expectations going forward.”

Return on Investment

Often when purchasing software it’s difficult to see the cost benefit and return on investment. Once the software is implemented is when the real savings and financial benefit comes into view.

Lisa explains:

“When we look at how much we have saved over the time we have been using Onboarded rather than the initial cost of setting it up and using it daily. We can break the figures down all the way to the hour. Those numbers speak for themselves.

If you look at those numbers which enabled that level of savings, we couldn’t be happier with those results.”

See calculations in the right column.

Number Onboarded: 20,048

Timeframe: 2 years

Time to process previously: 4hrs

Total time with former system: 80,000 hrs

Weekly hours: 38hrs

Number of consultants needed: 40 Full Time

Average Salary: $70K per annum

Total Cost in wages to cover the number of people onboarded in 2 years with manual process: $2.4 million over 2 years (+super)

Total Saved by using Onboarded

(less installation and fees)

$1.2million Saved per annum

“My advice to anyone considering Onboarded as a solution.  It gives us the edge and makes us progressive, it handles it all – licensing tickets and saftey requirements. We are 100% confident and if a client is comparing us we know our processes are sound and totally compliant.” Lisa Rose


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