Case Study with

Simon Middlebrook

Simon Middlebrook - General Manager at Skillforce Recruitment

Company Overview

Simon Middlebrook is the General Manager at Skillforce Recruitment.

Skillforce is well established and successful recruitment company. Their head office is situated in Welshpool, WA. With a staff compliment of 12 they manage recruitment for all states and offshore locations in and around Australia.

Skillforce Recruitment enjoys a strong company culture and are well known in the recruitment industry.



Recruiting across all states

Business Need

For Skillforce Recruitment, life before Onboarded software found the onboarding process was time consuming, lengthy, the end users had a poor experience. Candidates would have to travel to the offices to attend an interview and make a second trip to complete the paperwork if they were selected for the position.

Once their forms were handed to the support team it would all have to be manually entered into each field into the recruitment management system. 

“We were overwhelmed by the manual data entry that was involved and we were looking for a system driven process for onboarding. The paperwork is formatted electronically so there had to be a way of removing the need to enter data manually.” 

“Digitising the onboarding process was just the logical way forward and Onboarded software helped us achieve this.  Now our consultants are able to trigger the onboarding process with one email and one link”. 

Simon Middlebrook

Data Integrity

Simon shared his concerns around data integrity before Onboarded. His team was overwhelmed about the amount of paperwork and the follow up with candidates required during the onboarding, the process was not sustainable and the process was open to errors.

With the user being able to enter their information directly into the system this improves the accuracy of the information.   

Why Onboarded?

Simon was asked what he would have done if he had not approached Onboarded. 

“We would have had to build or search for another solution. However, we have an excellent relationship with Onboarded and value their outstanding customer service and support. Changes are made almost immediately and there is always a good understanding to overcome any new challenges or changes.”

“The process allowed the team to work systematically and before candidates arrived for the interview, they have a good idea of their licenses, tickets, qualifications and other qualifying information”. 

Simon Middlebrook

Scoping Process

“Once the basic set up was complete by Raj Soni (Founder of Onboarded) and his team, we were able to add our own custom fields with their API integration for our electronic onboarding forms, also the ATO TFN declaration and the superannuation form, which is excellent.” Simon explains.  

“They are no longer in our office for 30-45 minutes doing manual paperwork, now they complete most of the onboarding electronically and simply attend for a face-to-face interview which can take up to 10-15 minutes which they appreciate”.

Simon Middlebrook

Candidate Experience

Simon was asked for some feedback on how the Onboarded process has improved the candidate experience for Skillforce Recruitment. 

 “Candidates are in control of the data they provide, the more accurate the data is and the faster we get their data into our system the quicker we can provide their information to our clients and have them start working faster.”



“Onboarded platform is working very well our current ATS Bullhorn.  We love being able to see immediately if someone has completed the onboarded process and the timeline showing where a candidate or applicant is currently at.”



“Raj Soni (CEO of Onboarded) introduced us to the providers. They are all exceptional and care about our business. Personally, I can contact the providers and receive support immediately which is something that led us to making these changes in the first instance. Support and communication are held in high regard by our business when choosing providers.”


Simon narrows down three key benefits of having Bullhorn and Onboarded integrated.

  • Integration to custom fields is fully mappable with Onboarded. With one click it is possible to push information from Onboarded to Bullhorn.
  • Credentials such as licenses and tickets with expiry dates. These documents are collected using Onboarded. In one click we are able to move this information from Onboarded into Bullhorn and link them to the candidates profile. 
  • Mobile friendly and works seamlessly, there is no need for candidates or applicants to use a laptop or computer. If they have images stored in their mobile device or need to use their camera to take an image it works extremely well.

“As the General Manager I have a much clearer picture of how many people are onboarding, who has registered and track their progress. Onboarded, Bullhorn and RatesCalc now gives me peace of mind being able to login and see everything immediately.”

Simon Millbrook

“My advice to anyone considering Onboarded as a solution. I would encourage them to request a demonstration and understand that onboarded can be customised to suit their individual requirements.
Simon Middlebrook

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